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A Salad is a light meal and sometimes part of a larger meal, consisting of mixed vegetables. This usually includes about one leaf vegetable and often with a dressing or sauce. Some salads have nuts, meat, fish, poultry, and/or cheese served on the salad. Salads are seen as a healthy dish, although not always low in calories or fat with some dressings, e.g. blue cheese.

The word salad comes from the French word salade of the same meaning and this is from the Latin word salata, meaning “salty”, from sal, meaning “salt”.


There are many types of salads of which you will find salad recipes here for and they include but are not limited to:
Some salads are based on food items other than fresh vegetables:

  • * Antipasto salad
  • * Bean salad
  • * Chicken salad
  • * Coleslaw
  • * Congealed salad
  • * Egg salad
  • * Fruit salad
  • * Greek salad
  • * Israeli salad
  • * Larb from Laos
  • * Milner Salad
  • * Pasta salad
  • * Potato salad
  • * Russian salad
  • * Ivanov Salad
  • * Salmagundi
  • * Shopska salad from Bulgaria
  • * Somen salad from Japan
  • * Som tam (Thai ส้มตำ) or Green Papaya Salad from Thailand
  • * Tabouli
  • * Taco salad
  • * Tuna salad
  • * Waldorf salad
  • * Watergate salad


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