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Turnip Salad in Sour Cream Recipe

turnip salad in sour cream

Turnip Salad in Sour Cream Recipe.  Usually served cooked, raw young tender turnips have a tangy, slightly peppery flavour. Serve this as an accompaniment for grilled poultry or meat. It is also delicious as a light appetizer, garnished with parsley and paprika, and served with warmed flat breads such as pita bread. …

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Crab and Grapefruit Salad Recipe

Crab and Grapefruit Salad Recipe.  A delicious summer salad recipe, this zesty pink grapefruit gives a fresh and clean taste to the salad that compliments the crab, snow peas and arugula very well. To make it even more spicy and flavourful you can add fresh chillies. A simple crab meat with …

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Italian Broccoli & Egg Salad Recipe

Italian Broccoli & Egg Salad Recipe.  A tasty and simple, fresh broccoli, leeks and hard-boiled egg salad, this is super healthy and very easy to prepare. A last-minute salad you can throw together using ingredients from the pantry. This salad is a mouth-watering, so fresh and the vegetables are so crunchy. This …

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